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Create Together

Our Policy

Here at Constellate, we see every film set through the lens of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, & The Truth. 

To be a Creator here at Constellate is to be an active listener, always learning so that our own company culture and brand values, as well as the industry around us can evolve into something far more beautiful every day.  

Constellate Films is committed to:​

  • Diversity in our contractual and employment hiring, on and off the film set. We embrace difference in race, sexual orientation, gender identity & expression, & religion.

  • Inclusion in our advocation towards a collaborative and open dialogues, both creatively and across our broad business & marketing culture. By creating an "all to be heard" culture, no matter rank or position, we aim to transform the nature of workplace collaboration.

  • Equity in establishing an accessible workplace that accommodates mental and physical challenges. To allow a "work from home solution", ensuring a persons temporary or permanent challenge is not amplified by a workplace one. No matter the circumstances, there is a place for all hard workers here at Constellate Films. 

  • Truth in our never ending mission to ensure all facts and persons are made safe and accounted for, no matter the size or scope of a situation. To ensure a situation is resolved safely and appropriately, so that it may hopefully never occur again, we pursue the whole truth and always will.

Creation does not discriminate. Constellate Films is and always will be a safe and inclusive environment, one where diverse and truthful storytelling is always at the forefront of all we do. Being a community with a strong diversity of people, we invite you as you are.

Come create together with Constellate Films.





Public Policy Guide

Questions to ask yourself before getting in touch with Constellate Films

Unsolicited Material

Can I pitch my project to Constellate Films?

Before sending any intellectual property to the Company, please first request clarification if we are accepting material at this time. 

Aggression & Harassment 

Zero tolerance 

Here at Constellate Films we have a zero tolerance policy towards hateful and aggressive emails, phone calls, messages, and other ways of contact. 

Verbal & Contractual 

Constellate is a contract company

A handshake in 2022 is not enough, so here at Constellate if something is official, it is official and mandated by a contract. 

Employee Privacy

The Company is contacted here, not through its employees social media

In an age of connectivity, we implore you to connect with us here, and through the appropriate channels, as connecting through other channels will be disregarded. 

Legal Action

Once a door is opened, it never truly closes

If violence occurs virtually, Constellate will be within its rights, if necessary, to seek legal action. Respect those who work at this company by acting professional, concise, and with good intentions that do not cause harm. We leave this communication channel open to be as connected with our communities as possible, but will not tolerate its abuse. 

Individual policy pages coming soon
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