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Blog's In The Dark


From reviews, to unique short stories, to debates over what makes a good pilot, and more! Let you dark and light shine across the Blog's In The Dark platform.


This is a safe space, one filled with collaborators and creatives, and it is our job to keep out the monsters, together. This is not a space welcome to those that wish to hurt or troll others. Respect this platform and those that use it, and if you see that someone is not, before we do, then communicate that to us and our moderators and we will swiftly assist the persons off of this platform.


Find creatives in your area and across the globe! Find those who click with your perspective, or bring an all together new one. Start a blog chain with a few persons and work together to bring truthful feedback and opinions to your communities. Share this with outside sources and bring more persons to help the growing of our Blog's In The Dark spooky family. 


From films across the board, to ones within the Constellate Films roster, we want to hear from you about what you think. Fans and creatives are the foundations of any great creative venture. We want to hear from you as to what others are and aren't doing well, and the same to us. You are apart of the conversation. 


Constellate Films is a Vancouver based film & TV production company. We connect audiences globally with meaning-rich and innovative storytelling.

Development slate

Interested in one or more of our projects? Reach out now and gain access to our private development slate.


World builders fixated on intricate creation.


Built for service, Canada offers incentives near without compare.


Our seasoned talent in front and behind the scenes push boundaries.


From pre to post our teams experience stretches decades.

collaborative storytelling 

With creative development across a spectrum of genres, Constellate's groundbreaking approach blends virtual and traditional film-making. 

Paired with our access to top-tier sponsors and crew, Constellate guarantees an efficient and cost-effective production.

film & tv series

production services

game & tech development

creative services

Globally marketable story driven content, rooted in truthful ideas. Being genre focused, our niche in the market is a skillset test proven and seasoned across our various fantastical and horror based development slate.

We service your ideas! Through Canada's meaningful tax credit system, lucrative currency exchange and unique locations alone, we bring our resources to the table, so you can further access Canada's with ease.

Innovative and immersive game and tech design ideation for the global entertainment ecosystem. Through meaningful partnerships we aspire towards disruptive innovation.

Our intuitive detail focused approach will help ensure your story will connect with the audience you want it to, while solidifying your unique creative values and style. Consulting, script writing, pitch document preparation.



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